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News and Opinion

Coverage of wetlands since February 1, 2024.

Danielle Smiths wind and solar double standard

"...It gets worse. Despite record profits in the industry over the last two years, municipalities are owed more than $250 million in unpaid property taxes by oil and gas companies, a bill that actually grew by more than $40 million in 2023. “That’s not a regulator, that’s a cheerleader,” said Paul McLauchlin, the president of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, in an interview with the Globe and Mail..."


The water gets hotter and the frog just sits there

"...We already know that the climate threat will largely express itself through the hydrological cycle. Canada needs greater federal leadership on water because adapting to climate change requires national water solutions that bring together provincial, local and Indigenous jurisdictions. The proposed Canada Water Agency is a start but we need much more..."


Enhancements focus on ecosystem health

"...The project vision is to return Bummers Flats to a naturalized, selfsustaining ecosystem, driven by natural flood pulses and processes, said Matthew Wilson, Head of Conservation Programs. Dynamic processes will create a mosaic of wetland habitats with varying characteristics, enhancing the landscapes for many native species, including plants, invertebrates, amphibians, birds and mammals..."


Q&A: What does the EU nature restoration law mean for climate and biodiversity?

"...In this Q&A, Carbon Brief explains the aims of the nature restoration law, the challenges it faced, its scientific backing and what it will mean for climate change and biodiversity loss in the EU..."


Delta Waterfowl Adds 400 Hen Houses in Alberta

"...Phil Eriksson eased his pickup to a snowy halt next to the cattails on a small, frozen wetland..."


Premier Legault on defensive about Northvolt project

"...Premier Franois Legault displayed a banana, an orange and an apple on Wednesday to justify a more lenient scientific analysis of the Northvolt battery plant project in Montrgie..."


Delta Waterfowl Testifies in Congress to Support HEN ACT

"...Waterfowl populations are driven by what happens on the breeding grounds, Rohwer said during his testimony. So thats why Im excited about this bill. For 40 years, weve known that the breeding grounds are declining..."


Kawartha Land Trust purchases 1,400-acre nature reserve along Pigeon Lake

"...On Monday in Lakehurst in the Municipality of Trent Lakes, officials announced the purchase of the property which consists of 1,400 acres of forests, wetlands, fields and natural shoreline along the east side of Pigeon Lake in the municipality. The purchase was assisted by $2. 9 million from Ontario's Greenlands Conservation Partnership, a $38-million program which helps conserve ecologically important natural areas..."


‘Scary situation': Unprecedented snowpack lows raising B.C. drought concerns

"...Hill said he thinks provincial responses to drought management are improving, but a more aggressive approach is needed. He recommends implementing water restrictions for residents and businesses sooner — before the drought hits “crisis” levels — as well as increased support for First Nations, communities, farmers and landowners to improve the land's natural water retention and develop watershed resilience. He also suggested more wetland restoration projects, keeping forest cover intact, and cracking down on unlicensed water use..."


Normally at a crawl, the Los Angeles River threatens to overflow during torrential rains

"...By Monday, fed by a slow-moving atmospheric river dumping historic amounts of rain, the river was raging and even threatened to overspill its flood-control barriers in some sections..."


Toronto conservation agency buys chunk of Ontario peninsula to protect against development

"...Over the last 25 years, environmental groups like Ontario Nature have opposed proposals by forestry operators to build year-round access roads in the peninsula..."


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Jobs in wetlands

Recent employment opportunities from across Canada.

Junior or Intermediate Vegetation and Wetlands Ecologist

"...(Edmonton AB): Why WSP? A phenomenal collaborative culture and a workforce filled with genuinely good people who are doing humbly important work..."

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Wetlands Ecologist

"...(Triton) is seeking a highly-motivated and enthusiastic Wetlands Ecologist to join a well-established team of environmental professionals in our Calgary office..."

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Coordinator - Environmental

"...Air Emissions Monitoring Management Reporting..."

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Lead Vegetation and Wetlands Ecologist

"...wetland and vegetation experience to join our Ecology and Environmental Impact Assessment Team in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta..."

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Recent episodes that mention wetlands.

Fires in the Pantanal wetlands

Duration: 29:47

"...This month, Brazil has seen some of its highest recorded temperatures..."


4/2/21 - Climate Action Pursuit, Baby Wild Animals

Duration: 03:30

"...Delta College is serving as a host institution for Climate Action Pursuit..."


Megan Milliken Biven: Mississippi Dredging

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."


1. Wetlands with Marc Boardman

Duration: 19:35

"...First of let me start by wishing you all well during the horrible events from COVID-19..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wetlands.

How beavers can fully revitalise a farm

"...The rewilding membership that restores nature across a wide range of ecosystems..."


Burning Pantanal | What’s Behind the Fire?

"...Human activity such as deforestation and cattle ranching is encroaching on this precious ecosystem and causing it permanent damage..."


What are cumulative effects?

"...Pollutants from urban runoff, like oil and gas, that might have spilled or dripped on the road..."


We are rewilding a quarry - heres why

"...We've been given a chance by our friends at Rewilding Portugal to help restore an old quarry and help transform it into a thriving wetland sanctuary..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wetlands relevant to the latest news.

Approaches to Implementing Ecosystem Climate Projects in Russia

"...At the initial stage of the formation of the Russian carbon market, only reliable and transparent projects should be allowed to be implemented (reforestation and afforestation with mixed species; improved forest management of managed forests; management of previously unmanaged forests; restoration of wetlands/grass ecosystems; conservation of soil carbon of agricultural lands; biochar application to soils)..."


Is it because of climate change? Social-ecological system analysis of wetland protected area in Vietnamese Mekong Delta

"...With the complexity of the research tasks, a social-ecological system (SES) approach was applied with three main elements: the resource system (vegetation covers), external related ecosystems (climate change), and governance system (wetland management) and their interactions through ecological performance (outcome)..."


Constructed wetlands as nature based solutions ? hands-on activities to highlight their potential to minimize ocean pollution

"...This work presents an engaging hands-on activity designed to teach school students about nature based solutions (NBS) and their role in achieving high-quality water systems within a sustainable circular economy..."


Assessing Climate Vulnerability of Ramsar Wetlands through CMIP6 Projections

"...There could be multiple threats to the wetland ecosystem such as habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, climate change, overexploitation, hydrological modifications, etc..."


Spatiotemporal Variation of Ecosystem Services Value and its Response to Land Use Change in the Yangtze River Basin, China

"...How to understand the impact of land use change on ecosystem service value is of great significance for the utilization of ecological environment protection..."


IoT in Stormwater Management

"...With increasing urbanization, climate change, and aging infrastructure, there is a dire need of an effective water management and wastewater management in smart cities..."


Fish Diversity and Conservation in a Neotropical Grassland Region

"...Environmental pressures derive mainly from land use changes, but also include drainage modifications, wetland loss, mining, species invasions and pollution..."


Tracing the roots of wetland degradation in India: a systematic review of anthropogenic drivers, ecological consequences and co

"...Urbanization, population growth, land transformation, encroachment, and pollution have all contributed to the shrinking of wetlands, which were earlier estimated to be 58..."


Experience and future research trends of wetland protection and restoration in China

"...This work reviews these wetland conservation and restoration measures, interprets China?s wetland conservation and restoration management policies, and proposes that future research on wetland resources in China should be conducted from the aspects of international frontiers and national strategic plans, socioeconomics, and smart services..."


The impact of heavy metal concentrations on aquatic insect populations in the Asan Wetland of Dehradun, Uttarakhand

"...Aquatic insects, particularly sensitive to water quality, are emphasized as key indicators of environmental health, illustrating the importance of understanding and managing the influences on wetland ecosystems..."