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Wildfire Seasons

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News and Opinion

Coverage of wildfire seasons since November 15, 2021.

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B.C.'s flood-stricken South Coast on high alert as next rainstorm arrives

"...Another storm remains forecast to hit the region on Wednesday and Thursday. The storms paired with the already damaged and vulnerable nature of the landscape prompted Environment Canada to issue its first-ever “red level alert” on Friday. The new ranking system didn't exist during B..."

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EDITORIAL: Preparing for disaster

"...Forest management, fire controls, flood prevention and other initiatives are essential. The cost and resources to create greater resiliency to wild weather events is monumental..."

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Okanagan avoids red alert rainfall warning

"...Arnel Castellan, a weather warning preparedness meteorologist for Environment Canada, said the red alert is something that 10 years ago he would not have predicted seeing in his career..."

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Interior Health reviewing evacuation processes

"...100 Mile mayor questions evacuation during wildfire season Kelly SinoskiNov. 26, 2021 1:30 p. m..."

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Wettest fall on record in parts of B.C. adds to risk of disaster as more storms approach

"...This summer's drought and wildfires - as well as changes on the ground caused by previous wildfire seasons - have exacerbated conditions, he added..."

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Vancouver Island's 2021 weather may be a walk in the park compared to what's to come

"...“It’s a moving target,” he said. “We didn’t see a very strong wildfire season in 2019 after two record-breaking ones in ‘17 and ‘18 but just south of the border in 2020 it was fairly ridiculous. And then this past summer was also third place for hectares burned in the province..."

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Three disasters later, government refuses to learn from its mistakes

"...While the government says it used every tool available, what about the emergency alert system? Since 2019, B. C.  has been the only province not to use the Ready Alert system..."

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'Parade of storms' heading for B.C., including 2 more atmospheric rivers: Environment Canada

"...This summer's intense heat waves and years of widespread wildfire seasons have increased the likelihood of landslides and flooding, Castellan added, noting that some parts of the South Coast have also seen upwards of 200 per cent of their normal rainfall this season..."

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B.C. flood: American waterway at the root of Sumas Prairie disaster

"...In Merritt and Princeton, snowmelt made the storm even worse. So did the many hectares of scorched land in B. C..."

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How extreme weather events like the flooding in B.C. impact your health

"...And the smoke from yet another devastating wildfire season in the province affected people with respiratory problems including asthma..."

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BC declares province wide State of Emergency

"...This is the third State of Emergency British Columbians have lived under in less than two years, with one previously being declared for the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2021 wildfire season..."

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B.C.'s record-breaking rainfall generates

"...Torrential downpour in the southern part of B. C. started Sunday, and led to flooding, landslides and mudslides that blocked highways, triggered evacuations, and stranded hundreds..."

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Recent episodes that mention wildfire seasons.

Crystal Kolden: Prepping For Wildfire Season

Duration: 29:00

"...Source: Sea Change Radio..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wildfire seasons.

Here's what we often get wrong about wildfires

"...The 2020 wildfire season was the worst in California’s recorded history, with more than four million acres burned and almost 10,500 structures destroyed across the state..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wildfire seasons relevant to the latest news.

Health impact analysis of PM2.5 from wildfire smoke in Canada (2013–2015, 2017–2018)

"...Smoke from wildfires contains many air pollutants of concern and epidemiological studies have identified associations between exposure to wildfire smoke PM2..."

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Change in the fire season pattern from bimodal to unimodal under climate change: The case of Daxing'anling in Northeast Chin

"...The length of the wildfire season has become longer in many regions around the world under climate change..."

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Seasonality of biological and physical systems as indicators of climatic variation and change

"..., wildfire season timing and duration), seasonality in vegetated land surfaces (e..."

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Evaluating landscape-scale wildfire exposure in northwestern Iran

"...For this purpose, we used the minimum travel time algorithm and simulated 60,000 wildfires under wildfire season most frequent weather scenarios..."

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The delayed effect of wildfire season particulate matter on subsequent influenza season in a mountain west region of the USA

"...5) during the wildfire season smoke exposure period on respiratory diseases, such as influenza, and their associated outbreaks months later..."

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Further Resources

Find out more about wildfire seasons.

FireSmoke Canada

The Canadian portal for information and resources about smoke from wildland fires. This system produces forecasts of hourly ground-level concentrations of PM2. 5 smoke particles from wildfires up to two days into the future.

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