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Wildlife Habitats

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News and Opinion

Coverage of wildlife habitats since June 3, 2021.

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Kootenay Conservation Program concerned by declining Great Blue Heron population

"...Herons breed within a kilometre of slow-moving rivers, lakes and wetlands with rich food sources, often in colonies (known as heronries or rookeries), but occasionally as single pairs, Trigg explained. Herons need big trees to support the stick nests they build, and older deciduous and coniferous stands buffered from disturbance are preferred. Herons are sensitive, and human activity and Bald Eagle harassment and predation result in nest abandonment and/or low productivity..."

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Nature Reserve Near Grand Bay-Westfield Is Growing

"...The Sunset Valley Nature Reserve is also important for waterfowl and other wetland birds as well as two species at risk listed as threatened under Canada's Species at Risk Act: the Canada warbler and the barn swallow..."

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Floating wetlands planted at Maiden Lake to clean stormwater

"...Volunteers prepare the wetlands for Maiden Lake as part of the Elk River Alliance’s Stormwater Solutions program (Image courtesy of Elk River Alliance)..."

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Federal government puts $25 million toward wetlands and grasslands in the Prairies

"...STONEWALL, MANITOBA -- Three conservation organizations are receiving federal money to help improve wetlands and grasslands in the Prairies..."

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Art and the watershed: Taking inventory in by Cowichan's rivers

"...A vibrant riparian zone reduces extremes of flooding, erosion and drought Jul. 12, 2021 5:45 a. m..."

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Houston part of largest district tree planting program this year

"...Trees are also extremely valuable for carbon sequestration – they hold carbon from the atmosphere and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Replanting harvested areas also reduces the risk of landslides and floods, while forests support the biodiversity and wildlife habitat British Columbians value..."

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Highest priority is community safety, says BCWS

"...In response to the various concerns including Stanton’s, the ministry said, “All concerns around forest fires are valid; protecting our homes and communities before a fire breaks out is the best strategy, and this is supported through programs like FireSmart and our Wildfire Risk Reduction Project. ”..."

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MHHC Announces $5.5 Million In Grants To 12 Manitoba Watershed Districts

"...The Assiniboine West Watershed District (AWWD) will receive $1. 16 million, which is the largest grant ever awarded to a Watershed District in Manitoba. AWWD works with area farmers under a provincial program called GROW (Growing Outcomes in Watersheds)..."

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Opinion: Reducing beef consumption might not be environmental solution some think

"...You have heard it on the news, seen it in the headlines and clicked it on social media: We should reduce meat consumption to decrease our individual carbon footprint and protect the environment. Recently, restaurants and food websites have removed beef from their menus and recipes in claims of doing their part to become more climate-conscious. Could it be possible that in some parts of the world, raising beef cattle actually preserves endangered ecosystems, provides valuable wildlife habitat and promotes carbon sequestration? In Canada, these are the environmental benefits from the land cared for by beef farmers and ranchers and their livestock..."

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City removes bark from decaying trees in Beacon Hill Park

"...A thin strip of bark was removed from around the trunk of each tree in a process called girdling, which restricts the transfer of water and nutrients produced through photosynthesis. Girdling the cottonwood trees is meant to prevent new branches from growing while keeping the trees for wildlife habitat, said city spokesman Bill Eisenhauer. Prior to removing the bark, the trees had severe defects that required significant pruning..."

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The Importance of Old Growth Forests The Nature Trust of British Columbia

"...Old growth forests are awe-inspiring and highly diverse ecosystems that can be found all around the world. They play essential roles in wildlife habitat, species diversity, hydrological regimes, nutrient cycles, carbon storage, and numerous other ecological processes. They have special structures and characteristics that provide habitat for animal and plant species, such as bats, birds, lichen, and mammals which are not found in any other forest types..."

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Nanaimo-area residents urged to deter bears by putting garbage out only on collection day

"...Garbage problems lead to half the bear-related problem calls made to the B. C. Conservation Officer Service..."

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Recent episodes that mention wildlife habitats.

Zoos are more key to conservation than ever, Bronx Zoo director says

Duration: 32:08

"...Jim Breheny is the director of the Bronx Zoo in New York City and joins us to discuss the contributions zoos make to global biodiversity conservation..."

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Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wildlife habitats.

2020 Adult Nature Inspiration Award

"...He is one of one of the province's most respected and committed environmentalists, advocating for trees, wildlife habitat and watersheds..."

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Dr. Wayne Honeycutt: Comprehensive Strategy for Advancing Soil Health

"...An abundance of research shows that practices designed to improve soil health also reduce nutrient loss to waterways, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration, increase drought resilience, enhance yield stability, increase biodiversity, enhance pollinator/wildlife habitat, and provide many other benefits..."

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How Genomics is Helping Combat Invasive Pests & Pathogens (w/ Richard Hamelin) - The Code of Life

"...They purify the water and the air, maintain wildlife habitats and help preserve healthy soils, just to name a few..."

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Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wildlife habitats relevant to the latest news.

Forest composition, fuel loading, and soil chemistry resulting from 50 years of forest management and natural disturbance i

"...Collectively, these results indicated that: (1) forest management and natural disturbance on these watersheds altered long-term forest structure; (2) different species compositions and the inclusion or exclusion of salvage logging after Hurricane Hugo produced different fuel compositions that may potentially impact potential wildfire hazard and fire behavior; (3) organisms as a primary soil-forming factor were impacted by long-term management, therefore, some soil chemical properties were affected..."

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Landowners? Socio-Cultural Valuation of Ecosystem Services Provided by Trees in Costa Rican Agricultural Landscapes

"...Results from this work can help improve conservation outcomes by shifting the focus of ecosystem service valuation to the needs and concerns of small-scale farmers in the development of outreach programs, management plans, and policies aimed at increasing tree cover on private lands in agricultural landscapes..."

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The Effects of Cost-Share Participant Experience on Forest Buffer Retention

"...Forest conservation buffers provide ecosystem services such as soil and water conservation, wildlife habitat, and clean air..."

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Spatial modeling of the biophysical and economic values of ecosystem services in Maryland, USA

"...Groundwater recharge, nitrogen removal, surface water protection, carbon sequestration, and air pollutant removal services are also valued and mapped..."

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Predicted effects of Chinese national park policy on wildlife habitat provisioning: Experience from a plateau wetland ecosystem

"...Aiming at converting farmland to wetland, the payment for ecosystem services programs increased probability of occurrence of cranes by changing land cover in appropriate areas relative to crane roosts and other spatially distributed variables..."

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Tamm review: The effects of prescribed fire on wildfire regimes and impacts: A framework for comparison

"...Examples include improved wildlife habitat, enhanced biodiversity, reduced threat of destructive wildfire, and enhanced ecosystem resilience..."

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Valuing and significance of eco-tourism parks across eastern arid regions of Pakistan

"...By incorporating national parks, it leads to economic growth, environmental sustainability, social involvement, and provides a protected area for endangered wildlife..."

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Potential conservation benefits of a voluntary corporate certification program

"...Conservation on privately held and working land will be an important component of large-scale efforts aimed at tempering habitat loss to protect biodiversity..."

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Reconsidering the efficiency of grazing exclusion using fences on the Tibetan Plateau

"...We recommend that traditional free grazing should be encouraged if applicable, short-term fencing (for 4-8 years) should be adopted in severely degraded grasslands, and fencing should be avoided in key wildlife habitat areas, especially the protected large mammal species..."

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