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Coverage of wind farms since June 13, 2023.

EverWind gets push in Canadian hydrogen race with $125M loan from Ottawa

"...The company hopes it will be the first green hydrogen and ammonia facility in the country The Canadian PressNov. 18, 2023 2:26 p. m..."


Tech giant Amazon's 1st Canadian wind farm project to be located in Alberta

"...The announcement on Thursday (Nov. 16) marks Amazon’s fourth renewable energy project in Canada and comes on the heels of the recent opening of the company’s Travers Solar Project, which is also located in southern Alberta and is the largest solar farm ever constructed in Canada..."


Amazon selects Alberta to build 1st Canadian wind farm project

"...The company said it will partner with developer Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners on a 495-megawatt capacity wind farm to be built in Vulcan County in southern Alberta. The announcement on Thursday marks Amazon's fourth renewable energy project in Canada and comes on the heels of the recent opening of the company's Travers Solar Project, which is also located in southern Alberta and is the largest solar farm ever constructed in Canada. That project, together with the newly announced wind farm, will help power Amazon's local operations in Alberta, including its fulfilment centers, sortation centers, delivery stations and Amazon Web Services data centre..."


N.B. Conservation Council raises concerns about lack of costing for SMRs in NB Power plan

"...SMRs are new technology in the nuclear power sphere. A single small modular reactor is capable of producing 300 megawatts. Moe Qureshi, the CCNB’s manager of climate solutions, said the IRP focused heavily on SMRs despite their relative newness and left out a key component to using them in the future – the cost..."


Scientists Eye Offshore Wind’s Effects on the Atlantic’s Crucial Cold Pool Hakai Magazine

"...Every year, as the surface water temperature off the United States’ mid-Atlantic coast rises steadily from late spring through the summer, a pocket of uncharacteristically cool and crisp water gets trapped at the bottom of the ocean. Packed with nutrients, this thick band of cold water, known as the mid-Atlantic cold pool, is a vital home for shellfish species like surf clams and sea scallops. Extending at its seasonal peak from Nantucket, Massachusetts, to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the cold pool fosters a diverse ecosystem ranging from small algae to migratory fish—and some of the most valuable shellfish fisheries in the United States..."


Alberta stalls $33 billion in investments with renewable energy pause

"...The province is well-positioned to become Canada’s “renewable energy capital,” the new analysis points out. Last year, Alberta led Canada for renewable energy growth, accounting for 77 per cent of the 1. 8 gigawatts of solar and wind generation capacity that came online that year, according to data from the Canadian Renewable Energy Association..."


Canada's first offshore wind farm is coming to Nova Scotia

"...Global renewable energy group DP Energy has partnered with SBM Offshore, an organization that specializes in building infrastructure at sea, to bring the project to fruition. DP Energy CEO Simon De Pietro says the project is just a steppingstone towards realizing Canada’s potential as a renewable energy powerhouse..."


Alberta puts six-month freeze on all new renewable energy projects

"...The province was on track to see $3. 7 billion worth of renewables construction by 2023, creating more than 4,500 jobs, according to the Business Renewables Centre, which connects renewable energy producers with people looking to buy clean power. Analysis from Clean Energy Canada suggests that Alberta’s clean energy sector will grow the fastest of any province or territory between now and 2050..."


Why wind power will dominate B.C.’s next power call

"...Based on a power call from BC Hydro, at the direction of the provincial Liberal government and its 2002 BC Energy Plan, independent power producers raised and spent billions in B. C. to build new wind farms and run-of-river hydro projects..."


Ontario’s clean power plan that’s ‘not really a plan’

"...After the Bruce Power announcement, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, composed of the Saugeen First Nation and the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, said they will not support any new projects on their territory until there is a solution to storing Canada’s nuclear waste. The nuclear plant, which would be the province’s largest nuclear power project in more than 30 years, needs environmental approval from the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, meaning even if it is approved, it won’t be opening any time soon. The Ontario government said large-scale nuclear power projects typically have a lead time "of a decade or more," which Brooks stresses is too far in the future to address the current climate crisis and the immediate need to reduce emissions..."


Massive wildfire complex in B.C.'s north threatens highway to Yukon

"...“The rain has allowed us to work much closer to the fire so we’re still working on the west flank, south of Highway 52, east of Bearhole Lake Road, in and around the wind farm,” said Forrest Tower, a fire information officer with the BC Wildfire Service, on Tuesday. All evacuation orders remain in place at this time. More to come..."


Recommended Reading

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Recent episodes that mention wind farms.

Tom Carroll: Saving the rainforest with TikTok, 3D printng coral reefs, and offshore wind farms

Duration: 43:11

"...We explore reasons to be optimistic about the future of the environment. ..."


Questioning the efficacy of wind farms for power generation

Duration: 20:15

"...Guest Bill Virgin, long time business reporter and columnist in the Pacific Northwest, publisher of newsletters on manufacturing and railroads, and a contributor to such publications as The News Tribune in Tacoma, where this column appeared..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wind farms.

How Offshore Solar Could be the Future of Energy

"...How do we balance the urgency of the clean energy transition with the space needed for agriculture, housing, and conservation? Establishing offshore wind farms is one way..."


$25k Tesla, Cobalt Conundrum & Siberian Solar | SUBSCRIBE & ENTER The Great EV GIVEAWAY

"...How big can a solar farm be in Siberia? Will Apple ever make an electric car? Are Denmark really building a renewable energy island? Could Toyota finally be launching their electric cars outside China? Where will the world's largest offshore wind plant be built? Are Tesla making a $25k compact Tesla? Oh, and how exactly did Robert attend a recent conference in Africa? ..."


MASSIVE Storage. THIS is How To Power the Grid With 100% Renewable Energy!

"...This week Imogen visited Europe's largest battery energy storage system, Pillswood in Hull to find out how Harmony Energy is getting as much clean energy from Dogger Bank, the world's biggest wind farm, onshore and into our homes..."


Massive Wind, Naughty Hybrids & A Beefy LEAF | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

"...#Wind #WindPower #WindPowerUK #windpowerUK2030 #windfarms #windenergy #Norway #Norwayelectriccars #electriccarsales #Mitsubishi #Mitsubishiimiev #Imiev #Nissan #NissanLeaf #NissanReLeaf #electricestatecars #MG5Estate #electricoaches #Nikola #Nikolafakefootage #hydrogentrucks #Scania #Scaniaelectrictrucks ..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wind farms relevant to the latest news.

Multi-objective Optimization of a Hydrogen-Battery Hybrid Storage System for Offshore Wind Farm Using MOPSO

"...In this paper, we provide a multi-objective optimization approach that combines multi-objective particle swarm optimization and rule-based energy management strategy for an on-gird offshore wind-hydrogen-battery system to simultaneously address the economic (Eco), the qualified rate of smoothing offshore wind power fluctuations (QRS), and the rate of offshore wind power curtailment (ROC)..."


Application of Metaheuristic Techniques for Enhancing the Financial Profitability of Wind Power Generation Systems

"...This chapter deliberates the appliance of different metaheuristic approaches for expanding the financial profitability of wind farms with authentic wind flow patterns of three potential wind power generation sites in India and appraises their comparative competencies in assisting the renewable energy sector with expedient commercial potentials..."


Adaptive probabilistic neural network based on hybrid PSO?ALO for predicting wind speed in different regions

"...Due to this, this paper work considered employing these machine learning neural models for forecasting application in respect of renewable energy applications and in particular focused on the forecasting of wind speed..."


Determination of Profitable Wind Farm Generating Capacity Based on Weibull Distribution of Wind Speed in the Competitive Electr

"...Wind power is developing rapidly because of the need to develop renewable energy to replace fossil energy gradually..."


Potential of using floating solar photovoltaic and wind farms for sustainable energy generation in an existing hydropower stati

"...In this study, we investigated the potential of integrating floating solar photovoltaic panels and wind farms for sustainable energy generation in an existing hydropower station in Nigeria..."


Wind speed and global radiation forecasting based on differential, deep and stochastic machine learning of patterns in 2-level

"...Accurate forecasting of wind speed and solar radiation can help operators of wind farms and Photo-Voltaic (PV) plants prepare efficient and practicable production plans to balance the supply with demand in the generation and consumption of Renewable Energy (RE)..."


Optimal Configuration and Economic Operation of Wind?Solar-Storage Complementary System for Agricultural Irrigation in Mountain

"...The disorderly use of electricity in agriculture is a serious source of the current electricity tension, and as distributed energy is expediently promoted, it is becoming increasingly notable that the source network and load are not well coordinated..."


Optimal transmission switching based on probabilistic load flow in power system with large-scale renewable energy integration

"...Therefore, cumulants and Gram?Charlier method have been proposed for solving probabilistic load flow (PLF)-based optimal transmission switching (OTS) for large-scale integration of renewable energy..."


Transient analysis of grounding electrodes in a two-layer soil considering frequency dependence of soil

"...The simulation results show that the frequency dependence of soil has a huge impact on overvoltage magnitude and the energy absorption of surge arresters (SAs) in wind farms; this effect varies according to the type of the GS and the soil resistivity, so it is of great importance from technical and economical points of view..."


Intelligent Neural Learning Models for Multi-step Wind Speed Forecasting in Renewable Energy Applications

"...Nonlinear radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) model and a wavelet neural network (WNN) model are developed in this research study to perform multi-step wind speed forecasting of the considered wind farm target sites..."


"...In this paper, a reliability-sensitive optimization approach for the provision of ancillary services from distributed energy resources is proposed..."


Wind Farm Clustering Method Based on ASSCW-FCM Algorithm

"...In order to reduce the order of the wind farm model, lessen the computational complexity, and simplify the analysis and research of the entire wind power grid-connected system, it is quite essential to cluster the wind farm to several groups..."