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Coverage of wind power since July 26, 2023.

Zero: Oil industry’s plan for climate action? More fossil fuels

"...The best performer was France’s TotalEnergies, which calls itself “a major player in renewable energy production,” including hydroelectricity, solar, wind power and biofuels. In 2022, Total’s green energy resources accounted for a negligible 1. 3% of total revenue..."


Modified Atlantic Loop shouldn't thwart drive for offshore wind power: report author

"...However, it’s noted that Canada still doesn’t have a single turbine operating or under construction in its offshore waters, while thousands of turbines produce 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power in Europe’s North Sea alone. Nicholson points out that if Canada is to meet its goal to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, it has been estimated by the Canada Energy Regulator that wind power will need to provide about 30 per cent of the total electrical supply. That figure stood at less than six per cent in 2021..."


Suncor CEO appearing today at Commons committee to explain comments on sustainability

"...However, Suncor began retreating from renewable energy even before Kruger took over as CEO, moving last year to sell off its solar and wind power assets..."


Suncor Energy CEO says company committed to decarbonization, is accused of greenwashing

"...But Rich Kruger was accused by some MPs of greenwashing his industry's efforts to address climate change, including after he said he hadn't yet read in detail the fine print on new federal regulations to cut emissions from gasoline and diesel. The regulations took effect July 1, requiring gasoline and diesel producers and importers to offset their emissions through various investments, such as replacing power sources at oil extraction sites with renewable or lower-emitting energy, investing in the production of biofuels like ethanol or investing in electric-vehicle charging infrastructure. Bloc Quebecois MP Mario Simard tried to have Kruger explain the cost the new clean fuel regulations will have on his company, whether those costs will be passed on to consumers and how they compare to Suncor's main climate investment of installing a carbon capture and storage system..."


Gathering celebrates work on Haeckel Hill wind turbines

"...Also discussed was the energy the project will produce: enough for the annual demands of 650 Yukon homes over the next 20 years. Over its entire lifetime, the project is expected to generate energy equivalent to the burning of 40-million litres of diesel fuel. According to the territorial government, this will keep 115,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere..."


Mounting pressure from customers making some miners switch to renewable energy

"...While the smelting creates heavy emissions of greenhouse gases, the power used is relatively clean. Such possible reductions in emissions come as demand for critical minerals like nickel and cobalt is surging as climate change hastens a transition to renewable energy..."


The Ocean Can Play a Bigger Role in Fighting Climate Change than Previously Thought

"...New research commissioned by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (Ocean Panel) shows that ocean-based climate solutions can deliver up to 35% of the annual greenhouse gas emission cuts needed in 2050 to limit global temperature rise to 1. 5 degrees C (2. 7 degrees F) — the threshold scientists say is necessary to avert the worst outcomes from climate change..."


Decarbonizing Freight: Opportunities and Obstacles for Clean Fuels

"...While electrifying long-haul freight is more challenging, battery electric vehicles may still be the best option for trucking. Multi-megawatt charging stations at truck stops with battery designs that enable their use may be less of a challenge than hydrogen fueling and will very likely remain cheaper. Innovation to increase the energy density of batteries and/or autonomous trucks could lead to battery electric trucks dominating this use case..."


NDP wants Suncor CEO to tell MPs why company moving away from focus on clean energy

"...OTTAWA — NDP MP Charlie Angus will ask the natural resources committee to summon the CEO of oilsands giant Suncor when the House of Commons resumes next week..."


Quebec power utility mulls reopening of Gentilly-2 nuclear reactor

"...But Pierre-Olivier Pineau, professor of energy sector management at the HEC Montréal business school, doubts reviving nuclear power would be profitable in Quebec. In 2012, the provincial government under then-premier Pauline Marois accepted Hydro-Québec's recommendation to close Gentilly-2, in part because of the high cost of refurbishing the plant. What people are reading Canada’s war of the energy worlds is about to go nuclear By Max Fawcett | Opinion, Politics | August 9th 2023 "More than 10 years later, costs can only go up because we've started dismantling the plant," Pineau explained in an interview..."


China Briefing 10 August: Severe floods; G20 ‘obstruction’; Q&A on nuclear power

"...SPONGE CITY: In an analysis of the floods, local outlet Beijing News said that China has acknowledged the danger of climate change, including increasing “urban rainstorms and waterlogging” in its “National climate change adaptation strategy 2035”. The country has built 30 “sponge cities” to soak up rainfall. However, analysis by the Japan Times said those “‘sponge cities’ are not built for extreme flood events” as they were designed for rainfall levels in the 30 years prior to 2014, whereas floods “are now far in excess of what the systems were designed to cope with”..."


Why wind power will dominate B.C.’s next power call

"...Based on a power call from BC Hydro, at the direction of the provincial Liberal government and its 2002 BC Energy Plan, independent power producers raised and spent billions in B. C. to build new wind farms and run-of-river hydro projects..."


Recommended Reading

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The Wind Power Story

A Century of Innovation that Reshaped the Global Energy Landscape

"...Compelling from the first page to the last, this book will be of great interest to anyone looking to understand wind power technologies, markets, and policies in one book..."

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Recent episodes that mention wind power.

3/26/21 - Offshore Wind Power; Cisco Rehabilitation

Duration: 03:29

"...A new report from Environment America says Michigan could provide 3/4 of its energy with offshore wind power..."


E043: Entrepreneur to a Development Practitioner- Addressing Climate Change Bottom Up and Top Down

Duration: 32:41

"...Durreh Tabassum, from the Infrastructure Investment team of the International Finance Corporation, shares her inspiration to work in the climate space and discusses the various technologies that are available today to achieve SDG 7..."


Today’s Show: What to expect from the Throne Speech, COVID-19 policing, the efficiency of wind power, and popular claims

Duration: 1:56:05

"...Guests: Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun Columnist, Bill Virgin, long time business reporter and columnist in the Pacific Northwest, publisher of newsletters on manufacturing and railroads, and a contributor to such publications as The News Tribune, Jack Kerfoot, scientist, energy executive and author of FUELING AMERICA: An Insider’s Journey and Marc Morano, Publisher of Climate Depot and procure of Climate Hustle 2..."


SUFB 741: Renewable Energy Is Becoming More Competitive

Duration: 10:59

"...So why do people continue to talk negatively about solar and wind power? Is it because the fossil fuel industry is supporting the people talking against it?..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about wind power.

Can AI Help Solve the Climate Crisis? | Sims Witherspoon | TED

"...Using wind power as her case study, she explains how powerful neural networks can help us better predict Earth's changing ecosystems and accelerate the breakthrough science needed to create a carbon-free energy supply..."


NCCCA "Super Power" Event with Dr. Adam Dorr, RethinkX

"...Like most disruptions, this one is being driven by the convergence of several key technologies whose costs and capabilities have been improving on consistent and predictable trajectories – namely, solar photovoltaic power, wind power, and lithium-ion battery energy storage (SWB)..."


$25k Tesla, Cobalt Conundrum & Siberian Solar | SUBSCRIBE & ENTER The Great EV GIVEAWAY

"...How big can a solar farm be in Siberia? Will Apple ever make an electric car? Are Denmark really building a renewable energy island? Could Toyota finally be launching their electric cars outside China? Where will the world's largest offshore wind plant be built? Are Tesla making a $25k compact Tesla? Oh, and how exactly did Robert attend a recent conference in Africa? ..."


Why Wind Power Ships May Be The Future of Transportation

"...In order to hit global net-zero targets by 2050 solutions like biofuel, green hydrogen and blue hydrogen, as well as ammonia have been held up as alternatives to fossil fuels to be used in ships..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about wind power relevant to the latest news.

Moving ahead from hydrogen to methanol economy: scope and challenges

"...Therefore, developing countries have started investing heavily in solar and wind power and are considering hydrogen as a future energy resource..."


Multi-objective Optimization of a Hydrogen-Battery Hybrid Storage System for Offshore Wind Farm Using MOPSO

"...In this paper, we provide a multi-objective optimization approach that combines multi-objective particle swarm optimization and rule-based energy management strategy for an on-gird offshore wind-hydrogen-battery system to simultaneously address the economic (Eco), the qualified rate of smoothing offshore wind power fluctuations (QRS), and the rate of offshore wind power curtailment (ROC)..."


Hybrid and Modified Harmony Search Optimization application in economic load dispatch with integrated renewable source

"...Nowadays researchers are moving toward, developing and demonstrating net zero emission (CO2 emission) renewable energy sources (like solar energy, wind power, Hydro plant and more) technologies..."


A Case Study of Optimization of a Solar Power Plant Sizing and Placement in Madhya Pradesh, India Using Multi-Objective Genetic

"...Increase of greenhouse gases and pollution of environment due to use of conventional sources of energy has made the world aware of the need to increase the use of renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power and hydropower..."


Conjectured hybrid power with artificial intelligence and single-axis solar tracking wind turbine

"...Using a single-axis solar tracking system in conjunction with a solar panel is helping to boost the system's solar energy conversion efficiency..."


A Mathematical Optimization Framework for Managing the Renewable Energy to Attain Maximum Power

"...Various situations were examined in this research about present energy availability, for instance, at varying periods of each year, economic expenses, the feasibility of sources including such biomass and biogas, and the profitability of wind power generation given the related high prices..."


Off-Grid Green Hydrogen Production Systems

"...The integration of green hydrogen produced by water electrolysis into a smart energy system ?or a smart grid?, is considered a promising solution to overcome the handicaps of the renewable electricity production and certain hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors..."


Optimal Configuration and Economic Operation of Wind?Solar-Storage Complementary System for Agricultural Irrigation in Mountain

"...The disorderly use of electricity in agriculture is a serious source of the current electricity tension, and as distributed energy is expediently promoted, it is becoming increasingly notable that the source network and load are not well coordinated..."


Mineral import demand and wind energy deployment in the USA: Co-integration and counterfactual analysis approaches

"...Wind energy, a captivating parameter of clean energy transformations, requires abundant metallic minerals to operate its technologies: wind cells, wind turbines, wind generators, turbine blades, etc..."


Scaling up community wind energy: the relevance of autonomy and community

"...Background Renewable energy, especially wind power, is expanding rapidly in Sweden and elsewhere and has left the ?niche? to become part of the mainstream energy socio-technical ?regime?..."


Enhanced Frequency Support of MMC-MTDC Systems with Offshore Wind Plants Integration

"...With the increasing penetration of renewable energy generation in the power grid, there have been several actual cases of high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) systems replacing conventional high-voltage AC power transmission systems for long-distance power transmission..."