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News and Opinion

Coverage of electric trucks since April 5, 2023.

Coke Canada Bottling to begin major pilot project in Montreal

"...Coke Canada Bottling used incentives from the province's eco-trucking program, part of Quebec's Green Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The province says it's giving priority to electrification when it's feasible, taking into account the realities of transportation, buildings and industries..."


Decarbonizing Freight: Opportunities and Obstacles for Clean Fuels

"...While electrifying long-haul freight is more challenging, battery electric vehicles may still be the best option for trucking. Multi-megawatt charging stations at truck stops with battery designs that enable their use may be less of a challenge than hydrogen fueling and will very likely remain cheaper. Innovation to increase the energy density of batteries and/or autonomous trucks could lead to battery electric trucks dominating this use case..."


B.C., UK electric vehicle makers to merge

"...ElectraMeccanica (Nasdaq:SOLO), a B. C. headquartered company that developed a single-person, three-wheeled, battery electric car, which was recalled and discontinued earlier this year, is merging with a private British company that makes electric trucks..."


Historic Lake Edge Cottages resort in Lakefield goes solar with federal funding

"...“Businesses with high input costs towards energy are great candidates for clean energy systems which will offset their input costs or stabilize them,” he said. “They (Lake Edges) are doing a tremendous job at demonstrating leadership not only to other small businesses but to all their clients and their stakeholders. ”Lake Edge is a member of Peterborough GreenUP's “Green Economy Peterborough,” a program which helps members to measure and reduce its environmental impact..."


Ford triples electric truck output after a six-week shutdown of a factory

"...Ford Motor Company has restarted its electric truck factory after shutting it down to increase the output of vehicles..."


Tourism Fernie’s new electric truck to assist AmbassadorWILD

"...”It’s a great vehicle. There’s zero emissions. It’s super good for the environment..."


B.C. spends $4M to swap diesel for hydrogen in Metro Vancouver port trucking

"...“The biggest advantage with hydrogen is energy density. You can store more energy on board than you can with a battery electric truck so you’re generally able to meet the normal working conditions and duty cycle of that diesel equipment,” he said. “There’s a lot of interest and a lot of movement for fuel-cell versions, because there’s no compromise to the performance, the filling times are quick, and you don’t have to reduce payloads..."


An Uncertain Energy Transition a Century Ago

"...But, Mom and Kirsch write, there was still the question of whether to buy a gas or electric vehicle. Electric trucks were a better one-to-one replacement for horses—reliable and well suited to stop-and-go trips. But, especially as gas-powered passenger cars gained popularity, gas trucks were the superior choice for long trips..."


Edison Motors to appear at global conference

"...Fully Charged will make its first appearance in Vancouver from September 8 to 10, with the three day electric vehicle and home show featuring vendors, speakers, electric vehicle test rides, electric concept zones, and conversation around the transition to clean energy. The event will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.   ..."


Gas-powered truck purchase generates high number of responses to Salmon Arm council

"...The majority of council voted in favour of the staff recommendation. Coun. Sylvia Lindgren voted against, citing environmental concerns about having the internal combustion engines for another 20 years..."


Ikea using fully electric trucks for home delivery

"...When you hear of electric vehicles, you probably think of passenger cars, but did you know delivery trucks can run on batteries too?..."


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Electric Truck Batteries Too Heavy for Rickety Roads

Duration: 15:09

"...The average road and bridge in the U. S..."


Informative Video

Discussions, Documentaries, and Investigative Reports about electric trucks.

What the TRUCK?! Electric Vehicles Are Getting Bigger and Bigger!

"...#mining #cleanenergy #electricvehicles #kamatsu #sustainability #future #canada #vancouver #bchydro #cleangrid #efficiency #criticalminerals #supplychain #lithium #copper #battery #hydroelectric #trucks ..."


Petrol Cars Dirtier, Tesla's Secret Battery & Indian Solar | Fully Charged

"...Could Solar Farms in the Sahara be a Renewable Energy dream or a global climate nightmare? Are things looking up for Texas with news that Tesla are plugging in a secret mega-battery to the grid? Will Electric Trucks be able to go long distance with a heavy load and replace diesel for good? ..."


Massive Wind, Naughty Hybrids & A Beefy LEAF | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

"...#Wind #WindPower #WindPowerUK #windpowerUK2030 #windfarms #windenergy #Norway #Norwayelectriccars #electriccarsales #Mitsubishi #Mitsubishiimiev #Imiev #Nissan #NissanLeaf #NissanReLeaf #electricestatecars #MG5Estate #electricoaches #Nikola #Nikolafakefootage #hydrogentrucks #Scania #Scaniaelectrictrucks ..."


Can Electric Trucks Challenge Diesel? The Future of Heavy Transport

"...While EVs are far more energy efficient than gasoline vehicles, towing a lot of weight takes a major hit on efficiency..."


Academic Research

Recent peer-reviewed papers about electric trucks relevant to the latest news.

Well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions of heavy-duty transports: Influence of electricity carbon intensity

"...Battery-electric buses show a large reduction of GHG emissions compared to diesel buses and many other alternatives, while battery-electric trucks have higher GHG emissions than diesel in carbon intense electricity systems..."


Comparative life cycle assessment of heavy-duty drivetrains: A Norwegian study case

"...621 kg CO2-eq per km) while the hydrogen fuel cell electric truck may induce a reduction of up to 48% of GHG (i..."


Impact assessment of crude oil mix, electricity generation mix, and vehicle technology on road freight emission reduction in Ch

"...To achieve net zero emissions, the global transportation sector needs to reduce emissions by 90% from 2020 to 2050, and road freight has a significant potential to reduce emissions..."


How to charge while driving: scheduling point-to-point deliveries of an electric vehicle under overhead wiring

"...Given the current state of battery technology, either the driving ranges of electric commercial vehicles (ECVs) are too short or high-capacity batteries are costly and so heavy that payloads are limited..."


Aerodynamic-aware coordinated control of following speed and power distribution for hybrid electric trucks

"...Therefore, a reasonable speed for the following truck should be planned to balance safety and energy consumption..."


Systematic synthesis and multi-criteria evaluation of transmission topologies for electric vehicles

"...One way to accelerate the development is to automate predevelopment and evaluation at an early stage..."